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Systemic Neurological Stress Reduction
Fight or Flight Response
The Vagus Nerve contains SYM style nerve fibers, these fibers, when activated, shock your system into a state of survival. When these SYMpathetic nerves are active for more than 25% of the day, your body will suffer from oxidative stress, and long term damage can result.
Safety & Comfort in the Organizational Heirarchy
Your Vagus Nerve also contains PARA-SYM style nerve fibers. This is the PARA-SYMpathetic nervous system. These are those coveted nerves which every human strives to activate to reach FLOW: creativity, relaxation, comfort, safety, intimacy, and leadership.
Vagus Nerve Stimulation
A Growing Number of Humans are Finding Relief Through the Vagus
Depression, epilepsy, and even eating disorders have already received full FDA clearance to be used on patients all around the world! In fact, there are already hundreds of thousands of people walking around with Vagus Nerve Stimulators today!
"The Vagus Nerve: A Back Door for Brain Hacking" - Wired Article Link
Samuel K. Moore